November 25, 2013

Data Share

Starting this week I am going to start sharing an assortment of links weekly that I have found interesting through the course of my week. These may not be necessarily be new. Also, I won’t be shouting out to anyone in particular but if you or your material end up on this list, thanks in advance!

  • Twitter CLI: t a command line twitter app which is pretty awesome.

  • National Vulnerability Database this has been around for a while and might be old hat for most of you out there, however people newer to system administration will find a wealth of information here, relating to the security of their infrastructure.

  • netcat - swiss army knife of networking There are so many different ways to use netcat, I think my favorite is the impromptu chat server or file transmission.

The last two were sent to me from some colleagues earlier in the year that attended the Burlington Ruby Conference this year. I just finally got around to checking them out. Thanks @Tamman!

Thanks to those that have shared this information, you have all made my life a little bit easier.

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