March 8, 2016

SQL Server on Linux?

Yeah you saw that right. This new Microsoft confuses me almost on a daily basis. Part of me thinks that this is awesome, and then another part yells at me for thinking it is awesome.

I think it is great that Microsoft is looking to make good with the open-source community. They are the second largest contributor to Docker outside of Docker, and now this push to put SQL Server on Linux is yet another attempt to break bread.

I think it is great that they are moving in this direction. I also think it is somewhat sad that they are trying to re-platform one of their products to work on something outside of their own platform. I can only assume that this is a direct lesson learned from SQL on Azure and at scale.

Today Iā€™m excited to announce our plans to bring SQL Server to Linux as well. This will enable SQL Server to deliver a consistent data platform across Windows Server and Linux, as well as on-premises and cloud. We are bringing the core relational database capabilities to preview today, and are targeting availability in mid-2017.

SQL Server on Linux will provide customers with even more flexibility in their data solution. One with mission-critical performance, industry-leading TCO, best-in-class security, and hybrid cloud innovations ā€“ like Stretch Database which lets customers access their data on-premises and in the cloud whenever they want at low cost ā€“ all built in.

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