November 25, 2013

Nitrous.IO - a dev environment for everyone

I am currently posting this article from Nitrous.IO on my Chromebook.

Nitrous.IO is an awesome service that is still currently in Beta, that allows you to set up VM’s ruby development. Currently it looks like they are primarily supporting Ruby, Python, JavaScript, and GO with frameworks such as Node.js, Rails, and Django. I was super excited about this service a while back and am happy to see that it is working so well. When you sign up you can create 1 free box using an amount of “nitrous” and go into a web-based IDE for interfacing with your environment. Nitrous is a resource you can gain by various methods although it doesn’t look like they have any payment strategy in place yet.

I will be using this service all Next Week as I blog from AWS re:Invent.

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