September 29, 2015

Eight Docker Development Patterns

This was a post I had stashed away a while ago by Vidar Hokstad.

He goes into some of the uses he has been seeing/using docker for. I have used some of these and I am sure there are even more development patterns out there now. The one I am most interested in is the ‘installer’ container as he calls it.

There are so many installers that come in the form of…

$ curl | sudo sh

I can’t stand it, I know I can’t be alone on this.

  1. The Installation Container This is not my own, but really deserves a mention. The excellent nsenter and docker-enter tools comes with an installation option that is a nice step forward from the popular but terrifying “curl [some url you have no control over] | bash” pattern. It does this by providing a Docker container that implements the “Build Container” pattern from above, but goes one step further. It deserves a look.1
    ~Vidar Hokstad

This post is a little old and while I don’t necessarily agree with the ‘mount’ my home folder in this container too frequently, I think there are some good uses for docker in there (as if you needed anymore).

1Vidar Hokstad - Eight Docker Development Patterns

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