November 25, 2013

AWS re:Invent recap

So we are about half-way through day 1 of Amazon’s re:Invent and let me be the first to say, so far everything has been great.

Registration was amazingly fast, all of the staff have been incredibly polite, and immediately after getting through registration I got my first piece of swag!

So it is not all sunshine and rainbows, there is some work to be done.

Today I started off with a hands-on lab getting my hands into setting up security profiles with the IAM credential system and then configurring instances of S3, EC2, and EBS.

The first few hours have been very informative and I am very excited to be one of the lucky ones attending this awesome conference.

So Day 2 came and went just as quickly as it arrived. The sessions have proven to be very informative and even more so it is the vendors that are really making things happen here.

I was able to get more insight in how Engineyard provisions it’s instances and got a chance to talk to the folks over at Opscode about chef and chef-solo.

Netflix highlighted some really awesome techniques in deployment management and I look forward to posting more information about it in the future.

So AWS re:Invent is officially over and I am back on the plane to Philadelphia.

Such an awesome collection of talent, innovation, and vision. The vendors were generous and our host magnanimous. The climax of the entire week was at the re:Play event hosted by Intel, where Deadmau5 was alying down the beat for the night. There was a wide assortment of industries represented and everyone was very keen on showing best practices.

We can’t forget the new services that were released this week with Workspaces, Kinesis, upgrades to EC2 instances, Postgresql comes to RDS, and many more improvements to our digital playground.

It has come to a point where AWS is almost too big to fail, and somehow I am ok with that. They have given us an incredible new frontier to make visions a reality and the opportunity to exact change in deadlocked industries. Startups stand a chance against the enterprises of yesterday. Companies like Airbnb, Spotify, and others have already made an impact in seemingly inpenetrable industries and they are shaking things up.

You can say I drank the kool aid or whatever you want, but my question to you is why not? It tastes good.

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